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To New York
June 6, 2005
By Colby Munger

MYSTIC ROSE rests easily this morning in the early light at Nichols Great Kill Marina on Staten Island, New York.

But lets go back a week and catch up. We had returned home from the memorial weekend cruise to finish up a few details and on May 31 we had everything aboard by early afternoon.  It was too late to go far so we took in the lines and traveled six miles down the Severn River and tied up at the Annapolis Yacht Club for dinner and the night.  We watched a beautiful sunset over our home port.

We had been watching for a weather window on the New Jersey Coast. Most of the week looked poor but the seas promised to be calm for a Sunday run on June 6 from Cape May to New York.  This meant we could settle in to the cruising life style and have a leisurely trip up the Bay.

Wednesday, June 1 we slept in and after refueling hopped over to Rock Hall on the Eastern Shore.  We were tied up by lunch and later walked around the waterfront.

Friday promised to be rainy so we headed north Thursday, June 2 to Georgetown on the Sassafras River for a two day stay.  The day was beautiful so after dinner we put the guideboat in the water and rowed a couple of miles up the Sassafras River.  After we went under the bridge the river we were the the only boat moving on the river.  We passed by a wooden schooner tied along side a wharf.  Those relaxing on board called out telling us that there is a six knot speed limit.  I told them that's why we were holding back.  Friday was gloomy with rain all day.  I finished the first book of the summer cruise.

On Saturday we awoke to patchy fog and visibility about 500 yards.  The weatherman promised a midday burn off so we took in the lines and turned on the radar and headed for Cape May.  The day improved as we reached the C&D Canal and the run south on Delaware Bay was smooth.  We reached the Canyon Club Marina, tied up and refueled in our slip by 3pm.  This marina is top quality and a nice treat.  Ask them about their arrangements with local restaurants.

Sunday was beautiful with a gentle southwest wind, no wind waves and less than 2 feet of swell running on the ocean.  We departed at 7:30am with many other cruisers for the run north along the coast.  We arrived at 3pm in the Great Kill Basin.

When we arrived at Nichols Park dock, Vinnie took our lines.  NAPOLI, his mid seventies Chris Craft cruiser was two slips over.  His entire family was having a dock party centered at his boat.  He invited us to join his many family members for a meal.  Vinnie's was not the exception for this marina is a family happening for the local Staten Island community and an experience not to be missed.  It is a great stopping place with its protected harbor and floating piers.

Carol's friend Sandy Pruzansky and her partner Greg drove over from New Providence, NJ and picked us up for the tour of Great Kill and an enjoyable dinner out. 

Today we left Great Kill and refueled in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey where the diesel fuel is 25 cents cheaper per gallon than New York.  By 9:30 we were on our way into New York harbor.  The haze had visibility down to a mile so there were no photo opportunities on this trip by the Statue of Liberty.  We were moving smartly because there was a line of severe storms in Western Pennsylvania heading our way.

Just so everyone doesn't think it always beautiful on our summer cruises, check this color picture to the right.  I took this from the side door when we were tied up in Haverstraw Marina just as a severe storm cell came through.

We have the Weather Channel Marine system installed on the boat so we can see storms coming and adjust our schedule to be safely tied up before stormy weather.  You can see the picture below of the computer screen showing the storm when it was right on top of us.

Tomorrow we plan to move up to mile 86 on the Hudson to visit Kingston on Rondout Creek for a couple of days.  We will rent a car and visit the historic mansions in the area.

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