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Upper Saranac Lake
July 31, 2005
By Colby Munger

The week of July 18 Carol and I attended a Tai Chi camp in Salisbury, Maryland.  We returned by car the following weekend and on July 26 we drove up into the Adirondacks to the Wawbeek Resort on Upper Saranac Lake for a three night stay.

We arrived at the Wawbeek shortly after lunch.  Our room was ready so we checked in and found that we had the afternoon to explore.  It was getting overcast with rain expected by evening so we drove into the St. Regis Canoe Area.  This area has been set aside for human powered craft only and provides the best wilderness experience available with reasonable access.

At the north end of Floodwood Pond we visited the St. Regis Canoe Outfitters remote station and talked to John, an enthusiastic canoeist, that poured over the Paddler's Map showing us good day trips for both the Guideboat and the Black Jack Canoe.  We left with lots of options for our visit and the possible visits we are considering in August.

The weather turned wet as predicted for Wednesday so we built a fire in the fireplace and enjoyed reading.  It rained all day but tapered in the evening allowing us a delightful walk along the lakeside.

Thursday morning was beautiful.  We decided that we enjoyed the traditional lunch outing in the Guideboat so we were off by ten and I rowed north through the narrows on Upper Saranac Lake to Buck Island for a basket lunch prepared by the Wawbeek.  A campsite was empty on the lee side of the island with a large flat stone that provided a great spot for eating with a view.  You can see pictures from this trip at the Adirondacks II Photo Gallery.

The food at the Wawbeek is the best we have had in the region.  After dinner the wind had abated and the lake was calm.  Carol decided to try the Black Jack Canoe.  I used one of the Wawbeek solo kayaks and we paddled along the shore by the resort.  You can see the view of the Ampersand Mountains we had in the picture above.

Friday we collected a picnic lunch and check out of the Wawbeek.  We headed north ten miles and visited the Adirondack Park Visitor Interpretive Center which had many good displays on the natural history of the area.

At John's recommendation (remember John at the St. Regis Outfitters Station) we drove over to Black Pond.  We had lunch beside the creek put-in. The creek was shallow with bends and nearly blocked by fallen trees and vegetation.  It looked like the Black Jack was more appropriate so I left Carol resting creek side and paddled solo for a half hour look at the pond.  The pond was beautiful with only one other canoe in sight.  When I returned Carol declined a go at it, so we headed east to Essex and MYSTIC ROSE.  Maybe we need two of these little canoes ....hmmm.

Everything we have done this summer has been special, but the Adirondacks are especially alluring.  Carol has gone this week to another Tai Chi camp and left me to my own devises.  Tuesday I will return to the St. Regis Canoe Area and stay in a bed and breakfast.  I should have three good paddling day trips that will include carries between many ponds and lakes using the Black Jack Canoe.  When Carol returns next week we hope to have a good weather window for more cruising on Lake Champlain in MYSTIC ROSE. Our last week before heading south may be another visit into the mountains and lakes of the Adirondacks.  Decisions, decisions. 

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