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These are selected pictures taken during an October weekend at The Assateague Island National Seashore.  They are organized in the order taken.  The first three bird pictures were taken on the bay side from my solo canoe.  When you get too close you get to try and capture a flying bird.  The wild ponies graze on the marsh grass which limits your approach.  It's bad for the grasses to trample them just for a picture not to mention the mud.  The back lighting made challenging but fun pictures.  You could wait hours for them to lift their head....they love their grazing.  I found the composition for the first dune fence picture the afternoon on first day and returned before sunrise the next day when it was bathed in morning light.  After sunrise I drove slowly through the park and towards home looking for opportunities provided by the early morning light.  The last three pictures are the results  There are 12 pictures.

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