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MYSTIC ROSE Photo Galleries

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Cruising Pictures from 2006

Cruising Pictures from 2005

This photo gallery will show pictures taken during our ongoing 2006 summer cruise from Annapolis to Georgian Bay. There are no pictures in the gallery yet. There soon will be as we start cruising this summer.
This photo gallery shows pictures taken during our 2005 summer cruise from Annapolis to Lake Champlain. There are also pictures from our side road trips into the Adirondack State Park with our guideboat.

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Cruising Pictures from 2004

Interior Pictures of MYSTIC ROSE

This photo gallery shows pictures taken during our 2004 cruise of the small loop up the Hudson River, Erie Canal, Thousand Islands, Rideau Canal, Lake Champlain, Newport Rhode Island and home to Annapolis, Maryland

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Photos of the interior of our Zimmerman 36

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