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Schenectady and Canajoharie
Sunday July 18, 2004

Late Thursday evening between periodic cloud bursts the sky cleared at sunset in Waterford. The lighting was spectacular and you can find three new pictures posted in the photo section.

Friday morning, July 16, we left Waterford for the Schenectady Yacht Club. The weather was threatening. Though overcast for most of the day no rain developed while we were underway. The first five locks are closely clustered. The total lift through the locks is 169 feet in only 1.8 miles. In less than two miles you go from a total locking novice to a veteran.

We did learn that one more fender on each side at the turn of the deck at bow would help during locking. So, we stopped at Albany Marine Service, a marina just past lock 6. It is no surprise that their chandlery was well stock with a complete selection of boat fenders.

By 2PM we were refueled and in a slip at the Schenectady Yacht Club. Amazingly, both Waterford and Schenectady municipal water was not potable due to bacteria levels. Never thought we would be looking hard for drinkable water to put in our tanks.

As usual the rain came in the late afternoon. There are no restaurants near the marina so we learned how to cook and eat dinner on board. We were a little rusty after eating out for eight straight nights.

Though the weatherman said we would see more rain on Saturday, July 17th, the sky was blue and the wind light in the morning. We left at 8AM and moved 40 miles west doing six more locks. You can see a typical view of approaching a lock with its attached dam. We stopped at the Canajoharie Terminal Park floating pier. You can see a picture of Carol swinging on one of the park’s double swings in the photo section. The city water is ok but the water at the docks was turned off. Water, water everywhere but not a drop for the tanks. Hopefully tomorrow will bring water.

We were back in form for dinner and enjoyed a dinner at Ernie's Restaurant located 3 blocks south of the park. One of the best meals we have had, three courses for two at under $50.

There is supposed to be a circus tent raising using elephants tomorrow morning just two blocks away. We may have to take this in before moving on.

Ilion, New York is our next planned stop.



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